More than a valuable addition to our funds - repeated for 2011

Wonderful news for 2010 and 2011 was that a respected publishing company added AFTAID to the charities who benefitted from ambitious sponsored bike rides.

The publisher, Fundraising Media produce the magazine RAISE, which provides invaluable information for groups and companies deciding which charities and campaigns to support. Each issue contains news and ideas on fundraising, legacies, volunteering, the environment and organic living. Whether a group is interested in growing organic produce to sell for charity, or running a marathon to fundraise for a good cause, RAISE and are the ultimate source for people who want to make a difference.

It is therefore exceptionally well placed to understand exactly which charities will use the donations most effectively. We are thoroughly delighted to have their support.


This 2010 event was such a success the organisers repeated it in 2011 and another successful endeavour was achieved.

We thank them all including those involved in the decision to benefit AFTAID's work as well as those who are putting in such hard work to create a successful event. Particularly special thanks go to the cyclists.

More information can be found at the ride2raise website


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