Helping us to provide such vital assistance takes many forms, without exception all are highly rewarding

Helping us to provide such vital assistance can take many forms, all culminating in the highly rewarding experience of seeing, or hearing from, an older person who has been given new chances to experience a better way of life.

Making a donation is easy...

Your donations are so important that we try to make it as easy as possible for you and we offer almost any facility you wish to use...

Credit and Debit Card donations including PayPal
Our online donation facility can be used with full confidence. Click here to start - your payment details will be redirected to a secure server owned and operated by WorldPay
one of the most respected internet payment clearing services. If you would prefer to speak to someone you can telephone 0870 803 1950 - this is not manned 24 hours so you may need to leave a message and we will call you back.

Cheques and Postal Orders by FREEPOST
You may send cheques, postal orders but for security reasons not cash please, to:

Freepost RSKH-LJKT-KZYL, AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in Distress,
9 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PE

Standing Orders by arrangement
Regular (monthly) donations of amounts you won't really miss, typically between three and ten pounds (or whatever you can afford), are very welcome. To get the details you will need for your bank please write (Dept SO at the above FREEPOST address) or click here to email your name and address to us. Or you can telephone 0870 803 1950 or fax us on 0870 803 2128 with the same details. We will get a mandate form posted to you which should be sent back to us for proper accounting and notification of your bank.

Fundraising can be great fun

There are so many ways for large or small numbers of people to get together and have fun while raising some much needed funds. So if you think you would enjoy doing something with your family, friends or even with the public please click here to get started.

At work you can help too!

If your employer is one of the many who don't yet operate a social policy that includes facilities for Payroll Giving or one of the growing number that organise fundraising events tha benefit staff team building and morale, why not suggest it.
Facilitating payroll giving is not difficult and help is available from many sources, click here to find out more.
Organised workplace fundraising is growing in popularity, for information click here.

Create your own legacy

No-one wants to dwell on what might happen when they die, but no matter what you would like to happen there is no guarantee unless you make a Will. Your Will can set out your wishes for a whole host of things.
Including a gift (legacy) to AFTAID within your Will is a wonderful way to support our work and over the years we have relied on such legacies to be able to extend our work across the whole of the UK.
Click here to find out more.


Could you be
a fundraiser?
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We are proud to receive
the generous support of
the British public
and recently benefit
from socially aware
companies such as:


Our vital and unique place
among chairities offering
assistance to elderly people
in the UK relies on you all.
Please give your help
to enable us to offer
continued assistance.


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