Press Release - July 2009

Prestatyn Pensioner Up and About Again

"It has been a Godsend!" exclaimed Freda Edgar, 72, when asked about her new Riser/Recliner chair. She lives with her husband in Prestatyn and like many of our older citizens Mrs Edgar suffers from generalised arthritis. As a result her mobility is now severely restricted and getting around is difficult.

Consequently she has to spend a lot of each day sitting down. Because of her condition she was finding it more and more difficult to stand up from sitting without risking toppling over. In fact the only way she managed was with the help of her husband. Unfortunately Mr Edgar is not in the best of health either and was finding this more difficult.

The couple were worrying what would happen in the future.

Her doctor recommended the purchase of a special Riser/ Recliner chair which would ensure Mrs Edgar had proper support whilst sitting and provide appropriate assistance to ensure she could stand up out of the chair safely and without the need to worry her husband. Such specialist chairs are not cheap. Mr & Mrs Edgar rely on their pensions and incapacity benefit, like too many older people, they just could not afford this extra expense.

AFTAID - helped Freda by funding a Riser/Recliner chair


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In view of his former occupation Mr Edgar was already in touch with Perennial, the Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society. Their case worker decided something must be done, although that charity could not purchase the chair. So an approach was made to AFTAID Aid for the Aged in Distress on behalf of Mrs Edgar.

Within a couple of days of receiving details of Mrs Edgars situation AFTAID was able to make funds available. Very soon afterwards Mrs Edgar had her new chair. Mrs Edgar whilst speaking to the AFTAID explained that "it has made such a big difference" to her daily life.


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