Become a fundraiser for AFTAID (please)

Types of fundraising event are many and varied today. Jumble Sales still take place and are very popular, Boot Sales have enlivened those 'pure recycling' events and newer, ever more imaginative events add to an almost unlimited pool of inspiration.

The main principal of successful fundraising is to plan something achievable within the limitations you have. You can't expect many older people at a Bungee Jump and it's not practical for an individual or small group to hold a public firework display. However, participation in any pastime or activity can be enhanced by linking it to fundraising for charity. Who could believe so many people would run marathon distances but for the added charity dimension.

Scale is not an issue as every penny counts and a family and friends fundraiser is wonderful for social get-togethers and often the best fun! The key to all things fundraising is that someone (like you?) decides to give the time and energy required to make something from nothing. Whether that is organising an event from scratch or approaching the organisers of an existing event to persuade them to add a charity aspect and working with them to achieve that.

So if you think you can do something on our behalf please let us know. If we can help with any aspect we would be delighted. We can also put the story on this website and perhaps in The Bright Side too.

Contact us by email, or telephone 0870 803 1950 or fax us on 0870 803 2128 and of course by post to: Fundraiser Support, AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in Distress, 9 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PE. Thank you.

Fundraising can be great fun!
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Ideas for fundraising events are almost unlimited, here are a few from our longer list which has more details -

Book Sale
Boot Sale
Car Wash
Dress Down or Mufti Day
Egg Rolling Event
Games Tournament
Karaoke Event
Lookalike Party
Parachute Jump
Plant Sale/Swap Event
Sponsored Activities
Spot the ball
Treasure Hunt


AFTAID welcome all contributions toward helping relieve the distress to older people caused by being poor. If you can organise a fundraising event, no matter the size, we will be happy to offer support where we can.

Just email your plans for the event by clicking here.



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