This method is great for you, your employer and AFTAID

Payroll giving unites employer with the employees who wish to help others and can often bring the employer 'on board' with a matching contribution! Contrary to common thought, very little work is involved to set up a payroll or 'Give as you earn' scheme. AFTAID is among a select group of charities that The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) promote to companies across the UK for exactly this type of support.

CAF are our experts in this field

Give As You Earn is the UK's number one payroll giving scheme. It's one of the easiest ways for anyone paid through PAYE to give regularly to charity it is both flexible and tax efficient. Charities benefit greatly because receiving regular donations means that they can make financial plans for their long-term future knowing they can rely on the regular gifts of their payroll donors.

Your employees choose how much they want to give each month and the donation then comes off their gross pay, before the tax is deducted. This means that a £10 donation costs the 20 percent taxpayer just £8 and a 40 percent taxpayer only £6.

CAF do levy a small charge as an administration fee of 4% but the employer will sometimes make that up, or match the employees' donations, these costs can be offset against Corporation Tax - reducing the company's tax bill. Also CAF offer a facility to keep this budget in a CAF Company Account, free of charge, which helps to separate it from business revenue - simplifying accounting procedures.

Give As You Earn is easy to run - CAF help your payroll department to set the scheme up and can advise on the best ways to promote it. Companies can also be rewarded for their charitable commitment with a Payroll Giving Quality Mark - the more employees involved, the more prestigious the award - so why not go for gold?

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Bringing charitable causes into the workplace offers benefits beyond
the obvious.

Business supporters are testiment to the team building and general morale lift it
can produce.



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